Hi! I'm Charlotte

I'm a freelance writer and MSc Sport Psychology graduate, on a mission to educate others about healthy personal development.

I was one of those very annoying children who seemed to be naturally 'talented'. Whether it was academia or sports, I very rarely 'failed' at anything. Yet, I suffered from crippling low self-esteem and fear of failure in my teens through to university, which ultimately took a toll on my mental health.

After experiencing a bad breakup and suffering from depression and anxiety in my early 20's, I was convinced that my mental illness had been caused by a 'weakness' within myself, and I became obsessed with being mentally strong to the point of perfection. This resulted in many years of pushing myself too hard and taking on more than I could handle, which led to burnout and a worsening sense of self. I constantly told myself that I was finding life hard to handle because I was lazy and unmotivated, and I committed myself to learning all I could about personal development and mental toughness.


This led me to undertake an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology in 2016 - I had become obsessed with the psychology of elite athletes, convinced that learning more about how they pushed and challenged themselves would enable me to achieve more and feel more worthwhile. 


But the degree taught me something I wasn't expecting. The course opened my eyes to the myriad of issues that athletes face when they take on too much, and for the wrong reasons, and I realised I was suffering in the same way. Fear of failure, perfectionism and burnout - any big push to achieve more and be the best can allow us to become slaves to these traits.


The experience allowed me to realise how consumed I had become with being 'strong'. After researching more, it also became increasingly apparent that society's language surrounding success and achievement was extremely detrimental to self care and wellbeing.


From then on, I dedicated myself to learning more about how I can achieve my goals healthily whilst also taking care of myself, and educating others on these topics. I have worked with university students on how to effectively look after themselves during exam season, and to avoid burnout during a demanding degree. I also completed my Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2017, which allowed me to guide and help my students take care of themselves through a mindful practice.

I want to show you how you can challenge yourself and be proud of your achievements without undertaking huge sacrifices in your emotional wellbeing. I hope this blog is both useful and comforting - for you as well as me - and remember, you are not alone,

C x

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